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Draconia's Hemlock Gothic Hand Sanitizer (Two Pack)

Product code: DHHS001
£5.00 £6.00 (inc. VAT)

Draconia's Hemlock - A Hand Sanitizer that will sterilise even the hands of the Undead! 

A maccabe accessory for anyone's handbag in this Covid-Riddled World, Draconia's Hemlock is a tastefully dark take on Hand Sanitizer Gel.

Sold in packs of two to make shipping affordable. One for you, one for the tortured soul you wish to keep one day longer from the Reaper!

75% Alcohol
Kills Germs in 3 seconds
Bottle 60ml.
Sold In Pairs.

Brand Draconia's Hemlock
Product Code DHHS001
Weight 0.2kg