For Over 14 Years now, Viva Hate has carved out it's own market in the Alternative community.

Originally inspired by Punk, Viva Hate has since provided merchandise to fans of all alternative music genres, as well as film, gaming, internet humour and T.V. show followers.

We have also sold our Merchandise to all 6 Continents, providing our products to over 60 countries. We've even sent something to the North Pole!

We pride ourselves on our quick delivery, down to Earth approach and Official Merchandise.

With over 20,000 customers, you can't go wrong!

From July 2007, we branched out into the real world and created our first shop.

We're based in the Guild Hall Market, Derby, on the Second floor. Here you will find a lot of the merchandise featured on our website plus lots of other stuff.

Opening Times:
Monday: 10am - 4pm
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed


So, what the hell does 'Viva Hate' mean? Why choose it as a shop name?
'Viva Hate' is the name of former Smith's singer Morrissey's first album. We're big fans of Morrissey as he has a hatred for pretty much everything and is arrogant enough to voice it openly. As such we chose to name ourselves after something to do with him.

Where do you get all your stock from?
That would be telling, wouldn't it! We actually have a LOT of suppliers from all over the world. All our stock is official merchandise and in fact, we work with several regulatory bodies to make sure other shops don't sell fake merchandise.

Where do you ship?
We ship everywhere! Any country, any item. This excludes some of the handcuffs and similar items purely, as customs will view them as 'weapons'...Oddly.

I purchased an item costing 9.99 but i've been charged 15.68 on my bank account. Why?
This is because you're an American and you have brought in UK POUNDS from a UK SHOP. Your currency is in DOLLARS and 15.68 DOLLARS is the same as 9.99 UK POUNDS.
We really shouldn't have to put this on the FAQ but it happens so often.

Will you sell my homemade jewellery/plush/clothing?
Of course we will! We try and encourage new ideas as we feel the alternative scene is slowly becoming stagnant with 'labels' and a change in direction to the good old day is needed! (Seriously, Iron Fist is just as 'Alternative' as Topshop...). If your stuff is good, who knows, we might even b
e able to make it a regular thing with you.

Where is my item?
Have you ordered inside 28 days? If so, it's somewhere in the queue to be shipped out. This could mean anything from having just taken payment, had to re-order the item in, had to wait for one of several items you've ordered to arrive in stock, or it's sitting in the outbox ready to ship. If it's been longer than 28 days, best contact us on 01332 332466 or email me (Head Of Internet Orders) directly on

Are you a big company?

No. In short. We're a small independent shop in Derby City Center. There are three of us working here. We do offer work experience as well for any kids wanting to get a feel for the surreal so feel free to ask us about it!


Here is our size chart. It shows the normal sizings in various countries. It's best to bare in mind that this is only a rough translation and some sizes may differ slightly.


Refunds & Store Credit

  Any Item(s) purchased must be returned within: 
*14 Days of receipt 
Return Policy Details: 
* Item(s) must be in perfect condition unless damaged in transit.
* Postage of returned items is not refunded (unless item is damaged).
* Original postage cost is included in refund.
* Paypal fees are exempt from refund.

Items returned for any reason, unless damaged, e.g. wrong size, not suitable etc will ONLY be
exchanged, either as a direct swap for another item(s) of similar value or as store credit to be used another time.

We will NOT accept returns which appear to have been damaged on purpose.


* All postage rates are set accordingly.
* All items are sent in neutrall, discreet packaging.
* Wherever possible, we shall send all items of the same address, together in one package.
*Delivery dates are only an estimate. Any items needed for a particular date should be clarified with us before an order is made.

Please allow up to 28 days delivery.

For an idea of how long an item will take to arrive:

UK orders are sent 2nd class. Items in stock are sent within 2 days of purchase. Out of stock items generally get sent out within a week to 10 days. 2nd Class post takes 2-5 days depending on Royal Mail.

International orders are sent international airmail by Royal Mail. Items in stock are sent within 2 days of purchase. Out of stock items generally get sent out within a week to 10 days. Postage time can be anywhere between 2 days and 28 days depending on where you are. General times we have found:

Ireland, EU Europe: 5-10 days
USA, Canada: 7-21 days
Australia, New Zealand, Non EU Europe: 10-28 days
Everywhere else: Up to 28 days

Payment Conditions:

All payments are taken within 24 hours of orders being placed. Paypal payments are taken instantly whilst card payment are processed the following day. If you wish to cancel your order feel free to contact us in this period to do so.

Payment forms accepted are the following:

UK Buyers:
Card: Credit/Debit, paid via our EKM/Paypoint secure server.
Cheque (made payable to Viva Hate).
Postal Order (Made payable to Viva Hate).
Cash (Ideally in note form. We take no responsibility for cash sent through the post).

International Buyers:
Card: Credit/Debit, paid via our EKM/Paypoint secure server.
UK Postal Order (Canada only) (Made payable to Viva Hate).

All postal payments should be sent to:
Viva Hate
Balcony Shop 6
Guild Market Hall
Tenants Street

Be sure to include your item number and description with your payment, along with the delivery address.

Paypal Payments:
Any payment made through paypal becomes property of Viva Hate. ANY PayPal
chargeback issued without first contacting us will be seen as Fraud and legal action will be taken to recover any outstanding debts.